4 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Have you been trying to decide if you should have an outdoor wedding or not? Opting for an outdoor wedding venue might come with a few benefits that will make your special day even better. However, it is important to have a good plan in place in order for everything to go smoothly. In this article, you will find a list of helpful tips that can help you come up with a good outdoor wedding plan.

1. Plan Based on the Weather

The most important thing to do when planning an outdoor wedding is to be aware of the weather conditions. Make sure you know if it is expected to rain on the day of your wedding. You can then either plan to get married under a canopy, or you can incorporate the rain into the ceremony. For instance, you and significant other can use the rain as a reason to take wedding photographs with umbrellas.

2. Prepare to Rent Portable Toilets

There might be restrooms available at the outdoor wedding venue of your choice, but not all of them have restrooms. For instance, a venue on the beach might not have restrooms nearby for guests. Make sure that you are prepared to rent portable toilets so your guests won't have to leave the venue if they have to relieve themselves. A portable toilet that is able to be flushed should cost a minimum of $150 and up for an entire weekend.

3. Consider the Brides Dress

Wearing a white wedding dress during an outdoor wedding ceremony can lead to it becoming dirty fast. The brides dress should be considered when it comes to the venue, such as whether or not it is ok for it to get a little dirty. In an effort to keep the dress clean, make sure carpets are laid out in the areas of the ceremony where she is intended to walk around. The bride can also plan to wear a dress color that can hide dirt, such as tan.

4. Opt for a Venue with Beautiful Scenery

Be strategic about the scenery that will come with your outdoor wedding venue choice. If the venue has natural flowers, trees and bushes, it can save you money on decorating costs. The plants can also create a beautiful atmosphere for capturing the main photographs of the wedding party. Reserve an outdoor venue for your wedding as soon as you are ready. Contact the Hanford Ranch Winery for more information.