Choose A Wedding Officiant To Handle Your Wedding In These Three Situations

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While many people get married by religious leaders, this approach doesn't work for everyone. An alternative is to seek out a wedding officiant and hire him or her to preside over your wedding ceremony. You'll likely find that many wedding officiants serve your area, which means that you can read some online reviews, schedule some meetings with a few, and then select the person with whom you feel most comfortable and whose rate is best for your wedding budget. Here are three situations in which you'll want to hire a wedding officiant to marry you and your soon-to-be-spouse.

You're Not Religious

If you're not religious — perhaps in addition to not going to church, you also don't believe in any sort of higher power — it may not be appropriate to arrange for a religious leader to marry you. Doing so can seem disingenuous on your part, and some religious figures won't marry those who don't belong to their congregation. This is an ideal time to seek out a wedding officiant for your ceremony. Many wedding officiants aren't connected to any religion in their professional life, which means that this topic won't even come up when you're discussing the ceremony.

You And Your Future Spouse Have Different Beliefs

Sometimes, you and your future spouse will have different beliefs. While this might cause some issues early on in your relationship, you'll have ideally put these differences behind you if you're planning to be married. It can be hard, however, to choose which person's religion should preside over the wedding ceremony — the other side could feel left out, for example. Additionally, picking one religion over another for the ceremony could alienate some of the family members on either side. This is a time in which you'll definitely want to hire a wedding officiant to give you a secular wedding.

You Want To Get Married Outdoors

Although some religious leaders will agree to marry you wherever you'd like, within reason, others will sometimes specify that they'll only preside over wedding ceremonies in their places of worship. Even if you go to church, you might not want your wedding to take place in this location. For example, perhaps you've always envisioned getting married on the beach or in a specific outdoor area. In such a scenario, a wedding officiant is likely the right choice. You'll typically find that officiants will work in a wide range of locations.

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