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What’s The Best Wedding Dress For A Beach Wedding?

Beaches are really romantic spots to get married, but wearing the wrong type of bridal gown at your beach wedding can lead to strange or embarrassing problems. The best bridal gowns for beach weddings are those that won’t hinder your movement, show a lot of dirt or create other beach-related issues. When choosing the right dress for your beach wedding, take the following factors into consideration.

Skirt Length

It’s hard enough to walk on sand without worrying about tripping on your own skirt. The best skirt lengths for the beach are those that fall at or above the ankle. In addition to the fact that they’re more practical, higher skirts are also a bit more casual–just like the location you picked to get married. If you’re in love with the idea of a romantic, elegant skirt that goes down to the ground, pick something that’s ankle-length in front but includes a train in the back. You can’t trip over it if you’re dragging it behind you.


Beaches are not tidy places. They’re actually covered in sand, seaweed, mud and other messy, stain-making substances. Bright white is a devastatingly impractical color for a beach wedding dress, especially if it’s a dress you want to hang onto as a token of one of the most special days of your life. You could disguise all the stains with a dark colored dress–like something in a deep, controversial red–but don’t forget the other feature that you’ll be dealing with on the beach: the sun’s rays. Picking a dark dress will leave you hot and sweaty. Pick a soft pastel color or even just a shade of beige-ivory to help keep the sand stains out of the spotlight and allow you to be comfortable at the same time.


That sun can get really intense, and that’s especially true if you’re getting married on a Caribbean island somewhere. Avoid the accompanying sweat by wearing breathable, natural fabrics. Think: cotton, linen or even rayon, which is a semi-synthetic, breathable fiber.

Skirt Style

Don’t forget that it can get breezy on the beach. At times, it can get very breezy. That slit-style wedding dress may seem really hip, casual, and perfect for a beach wedding, but you should avoid any dress that could unexpectedly blow upwards and expose your underthings.

For more information about the best bridal gown for your beach-style wedding, talk to an experienced bridal gowns consultant. Try on a variety of styles as you think about the environment where you’ll be getting married. If possible, visit the beach before buying the dress. Knowing what the environment is like will help you buy the right dress for your special day.

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4 Tips For Getting Married In Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to get married, whether you planned on it or not. However, if you are thinking ahead, there are some things to consider before finding the first drive-thru chapel on the strip. Here are some helpful tips for getting married in Vegas.

Know How to do it Legally

While Las Vegas makes it easy to find chapels where you can get married, it still needs to be legal. Las Vegas is located in Clark County, which requires a proper marriage license. There are many Marriage License Bureau locations throughout the downtown area of Las Vegas that will get you a license. To get a license, you need to have identification that shows you are at least 18 years old, and have a picture. Driver’s licenses, passports, and military IDs are all accepted for a license. You also need to have witnesses to get married in Las Vegas, so bring your friends!

Rent Your Wedding Attire

Unless you are packing your mom’s wedding dress that she wore to her own wedding, it is more convenient to rent wedding attire. You are likely having a small ceremony with a couple friends or relatives, so spending a lot of money on wedding attire might not be worth it to you. Unless you want to wear your everyday clothes (which is up to you), you can find a rental place near the strip that provides everything you need. You are able to rent everything from the wedding dress and tuxedo to accessories, a veil, and even your shoes.

Look for Themed Wedding Chapels

One of the fun parts about getting married in Vegas is that you can choose from different themes. You will find just about everything in Las Vegas, including disco themes, science fiction weddings, and Renaissance weddings. The most common theme is the Elvis wedding, which is a lot of fun and provides some great pictures. Think of the interests you and your future spouse share, and you will more than likely find a chapel like A Little White Wedding Chapel that caters to those interests.

Find Salons on the Strip

For your hair and makeup, you can get it done near the downtown area of Las Vegas. There are a lot of salons down the strip that cater to people getting married in Vegas. They will be able to do your makeup and hair any way you like for the wedding, and are often open extended hours. 

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Modern Twists On Classic Wedding Invitation Rules

If you have a wedding coming up, you are going to need to send out invitations. However, sending out invitations can be a sticky business. Here are some modern twists on classic wedding etiquette rules that are both proper, acceptable and will suit your modern sensibilities.

Addressing A Married Couple Who Shares The Same Last Name

Your grandmother or even your mother might advise you to address invitations to a married couple to “Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace.”

However, unlike your grandmother, most of your younger friends may cringe at being addressed by both their husband’s first and last name; the lady in question does still have a first name. Addressing a married couple as “Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace” has fallen out of favor.

Feel free to address your invitation to “Mr. & Mrs. Wallace.” If you really want to use first names, use both of their first names. Address the invitation to “Mr. John Wallace & Mrs. Katherine Wallace.” The man’s name doesn’t even need to be listed first. You can put the woman’s name first if you want to.

Addressing A Married Couple With Different Last Names

If the wife did not take her husband’s last name, respect that wish on your invitation. Just address the invitation to “Ms. Katherine Black & Mr. John Wallace.”

Notice that the invitation is addressed as Ms. and not Mrs. Technically, if she did not take her husband’s last name, the invitee is still considered a Ms.

If the wife has a hyphenated last name, address the invitation to “Mr. John Wallace & Mrs. Katherine Black-Wallace.” In this case it is appropriate to address the wife as Mrs.

Dating Couples

Inviting a non-married couple is very similar to inviting a married couple whom have different last names. Address the invitation to both parties, using their proper titles, and place an “&” symbol between their names.

Single Friends

If you want your single friends to come on their own, make sure you just address the invitation to them. However, if you want them to bring a guest, then address the invitation to “Ms. Kathy Lane & Guest.”

That way, your single friends will not have to wonder if it is okay if they bring a guest. By addressing the envelope this way, you take away the guessing and minimize the risk of having an awkward conversation where your friend has to ask if they can bring their boyfriend along to your wedding.


If you are inviting adults and children to your wedding, there are a few ways to handle this on the invitations. You can address the invitation to “The Wallace Family.” Try to stay away from addressing the invitation to the “The John Wallace Family”; it’s not only passé, it sounds awkward.

Or, you can address the invitation to “Mrs. & Mr. Wallace & Family” or “Mrs. & Mr. Wallace & Children.”

However, if their kids no longer live at home, splurge on an extra wedding invitation and send their children their own invite.

As a rule of thumb, address people with the formal title they use in their day-to-day lives. Don’t feel like you have to list the man’s name first; in today’s day and age it is perfectly acceptable to list the woman first on the invitation. This makes more sense as well if it is the woman whom you are close with. Finally, make sure your invitations are specific. Let your guests know based on how the invitation is addressed if they can bring a guest or their children. That way, you don’t have to include a “no-guest” clause or “no-children” clause with your wedding invitations. 

To learn more about wedding etiquette, contact a service like Chapel of the Bells.

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3 Tips For Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean your time with a beautiful wedding dress is. After spending so much time finding the perfect dress or working with wedding dress designers, it makes sense that you would want to preserve it. By taking the time to clean and package it properly, you will be able to look at it again and see it in near perfect condition. Here are some tips for preserving your wedding dress.

Clean the Dress

Before packing up your wedding dress, you need to clean it thoroughly. Even though you didn’t wear it for long, it likely has deodorant, perfume, bodily oils, and maybe even some spilled champagne or cake from the reception. Be sure you don’t let it sit for too long before you clean it. You need to clean all the stains, even ones you don’t actually see. The fabric can start to weaken and yellow if you leave it open to the elements.

Send your wedding dress to an experienced cleaner. Don’t just choose any dry cleaner but one that specializes in wedding dresses. They will not use traditional dry cleaning methods, but use a gentle cleanser to get the stains out of the dress. They may also use a dry cleaning method, but will be careful what chemicals are used for delicate wedding dresses.

Package it Properly

Once your wedding dress has been cleaned and returned to you, don’t waste any time wrapping it and preparing it for storage. This is the second most important part of preserving it. If you keep it in the bag the dry cleaner gave it to you in, it won’t look the same in a few months. Remove it from their bag and wrap it in acid-free paper. You then want to place it in a box that is labeled as pH-neutral or acid-free. This lets the gown breathe and stay protected from the elements. Some boxes have a clear panel so you know what is stored and can see its condition. If not, try not to be tempted to open the box too often.

Make sure your wedding dress is stored in a cool, dry place. Keep it out of the heat and sunlight, as well as damp places like a basement. You can either store it in the back of your bedroom closet or in a climate-controlled storage unit. If there is no room in the closet, an attic that doesn’t get too warm is the next best place.

Get it Preserved Professionally

If you want to be extra sure the wedding dress is cleaned and packaged properly before storing it, you can have preserving done by a professional. They will clean or press the dress, prepare it in a box that is acid-free, and give you tips on how to store it. If you want accessories like your garter or veil to be preserved as well, they should be able to do that for you.

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