4 Tips For Getting Married In Vegas

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Las Vegas is a great place to get married, whether you planned on it or not. However, if you are thinking ahead, there are some things to consider before finding the first drive-thru chapel on the strip. Here are some helpful tips for getting married in Vegas.

Know How to do it Legally

While Las Vegas makes it easy to find chapels where you can get married, it still needs to be legal. Las Vegas is located in Clark County, which requires a proper marriage license. There are many Marriage License Bureau locations throughout the downtown area of Las Vegas that will get you a license. To get a license, you need to have identification that shows you are at least 18 years old, and have a picture. Driver's licenses, passports, and military IDs are all accepted for a license. You also need to have witnesses to get married in Las Vegas, so bring your friends!

Rent Your Wedding Attire

Unless you are packing your mom's wedding dress that she wore to her own wedding, it is more convenient to rent wedding attire. You are likely having a small ceremony with a couple friends or relatives, so spending a lot of money on wedding attire might not be worth it to you. Unless you want to wear your everyday clothes (which is up to you), you can find a rental place near the strip that provides everything you need. You are able to rent everything from the wedding dress and tuxedo to accessories, a veil, and even your shoes.

Look for Themed Wedding Chapels

One of the fun parts about getting married in Vegas is that you can choose from different themes. You will find just about everything in Las Vegas, including disco themes, science fiction weddings, and Renaissance weddings. The most common theme is the Elvis wedding, which is a lot of fun and provides some great pictures. Think of the interests you and your future spouse share, and you will more than likely find a chapel like A Little White Wedding Chapel that caters to those interests.

Find Salons on the Strip

For your hair and makeup, you can get it done near the downtown area of Las Vegas. There are a lot of salons down the strip that cater to people getting married in Vegas. They will be able to do your makeup and hair any way you like for the wedding, and are often open extended hours.