What's The Best Wedding Dress For A Beach Wedding?

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Beaches are really romantic spots to get married, but wearing the wrong type of bridal gown at your beach wedding can lead to strange or embarrassing problems. The best bridal gowns for beach weddings are those that won't hinder your movement, show a lot of dirt or create other beach-related issues. When choosing the right dress for your beach wedding, take the following factors into consideration.

Skirt Length

It's hard enough to walk on sand without worrying about tripping on your own skirt. The best skirt lengths for the beach are those that fall at or above the ankle. In addition to the fact that they're more practical, higher skirts are also a bit more casual--just like the location you picked to get married. If you're in love with the idea of a romantic, elegant skirt that goes down to the ground, pick something that's ankle-length in front but includes a train in the back. You can't trip over it if you're dragging it behind you.


Beaches are not tidy places. They're actually covered in sand, seaweed, mud and other messy, stain-making substances. Bright white is a devastatingly impractical color for a beach wedding dress, especially if it's a dress you want to hang onto as a token of one of the most special days of your life. You could disguise all the stains with a dark colored dress--like something in a deep, controversial red--but don't forget the other feature that you'll be dealing with on the beach: the sun's rays. Picking a dark dress will leave you hot and sweaty. Pick a soft pastel color or even just a shade of beige-ivory to help keep the sand stains out of the spotlight and allow you to be comfortable at the same time.


That sun can get really intense, and that's especially true if you're getting married on a Caribbean island somewhere. Avoid the accompanying sweat by wearing breathable, natural fabrics. Think: cotton, linen or even rayon, which is a semi-synthetic, breathable fiber.

Skirt Style

Don't forget that it can get breezy on the beach. At times, it can get very breezy. That slit-style wedding dress may seem really hip, casual, and perfect for a beach wedding, but you should avoid any dress that could unexpectedly blow upwards and expose your underthings.

For more information about the best bridal gown for your beach-style wedding, talk to an experienced bridal gowns consultant. Try on a variety of styles as you think about the environment where you'll be getting married. If possible, visit the beach before buying the dress. Knowing what the environment is like will help you buy the right dress for your special day.