4 Myths About Wedding Dresses That You Can Forget Today

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Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most blissful shopping experiences of your life. After all, this is the dress that you will wear for the special day when you and your fiancé become a married couple. All eyes will be on you, and it's only natural to want to get a dress that helps accentuate your beauty and bring out your best features. You shouldn't be hung up on any myths when shopping for a wedding dress. Here are a few of the most common wedding dress myths that you can discard today!

Myth: You need to choose a wedding dress that can be passed down to other generations.

Many women choose wedding dresses that they adore, and they save them in case their daughters or granddaughters may want to wear it as well. However, many brides also realize that they may not have children or otherwise are not interested in preserving a dress that they may never want to wear. Instead, brides should focus on the wedding dress that they truly want and not worry about future generations. 

Myth: You will only wear your wedding dress once.

Sometimes a bride-to-be will hesitate to spend much money on her wedding dress even though she really wants a certain one. Why would she do that? Well, there is the enduring myth that states that you will only wear your wedding dress once. The truth is that you can alter the dress to wear it well beyond your wedding, or you may even opt to keep it as is and wear it for such occasions as Halloween or a party.

Myth: You should not buy a wedding dress that's white if you are not a first-time bride.

Wearing white on one's wedding day is an old tradition, and it was thought to symbolize purity for many years. However, this conventional mode of thinking has long since stopped being the norm. Now, whether the bride is getting married for the first or fifth time, she is welcome to wear a white wedding dress.

Myth: White wedding dresses make you look bigger.

There is a pesky, enduring myth that white wedding dresses will make the bride look fatter than dresses of various other colors. However, it is simply not true that white makes one look fatter. If you want a white wedding dress, go for it no matter what your other insecurities may be.

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to stay true to your own taste when shopping for a wedding dress. You will probably hear differing opinions if you bring people shopping with you for your special dress. However, it is really important to be able to quiet the opinions of others in your head and ultimately choose a wedding dress that you truly and genuinely love. Visit websites like lovelybride.com for inspiration.