3 Things You Need to Do ASAP for Your Future Wedding

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Have you recently decided to get married? Are you and your spouse now discussing options for your future nuptials? Whether you're wanting a big to-do or an intimate gathering with just your nearest and dearest, things will be smoother the sooner you can decide exactly what you want. When you're first starting out, everything can feel confusing and overwhelming. But by doing a few things right away, you can make everything easier on both you and your spouse-to-be. A few things you need to do now include:

1. Hire a wedding planner

There are dozens of little things that all have to come together to make a wedding a success. While you can still get married without, for instance, a wedding cake, most couples would be disappointed to not have this wedding essential available at the reception. This is where a professional wedding planner comes in. They will help you to make sense of everything. In some instances, they might already have a "package deal" ready and all you need to do is add some personalizing details. In other cases, everything will start from scratch so that you and your spouse will have to decide everything. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad; it simply depends on what you and your future spouse want.

2. Decide on a venue

So many things in a wedding revolve around the venue that you pick. Some venues will be entirely too small to hold the number of people that you want while others can feel empty and lifeless without a large crowd inside. If you already know how many people you want to invite, your wedding planner should have a list of nearby venues that will be appropriate. If you don't know how many people you want to invite but you know where you want to get married, this location will ultimately decide the size of your guest list.

3. Pick a theme

Every wedding has a theme, whether that theme is "modern superhero movie" or "completely traditional wedding" is up to you. Your wedding planner will need to know your theme in order to make suggestions that are relevant to what you and your future spouse are hoping for. Some bakers might specialize in more fantastical cakes while others specialize in more traditional ones. The decorations will also need to match the theme so that you don't accidentally wind up with something that doesn't match your vision.

To feel more prepared for your wedding day, contact a wedding planner.