Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Special

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While your wedding day is a special day and one you will remember for the rest of your life, you might want to add in certain touches to make the ceremony even more unique and special. You might think you can only add fun touches to your reception but that isn't true. You can add fun or personal touches to your ceremony that can make it a fun and memorable time.

Here are some tips on how to make your wedding ceremony special and more personal.

Have a Personalized Program

Not all weddings have a program in which the guests can follow along to see what's going to happen next, but if you plan on having one, why not make it more interesting and personalize it? A program can be more than just about the events of the day, like what the procession order is, what readings will occur, and some will offer the entire ceremony transcript too.

You can also add in personal details of you as individuals such as favorite hobbies, foods you like to make, places you have traveled to, and more. Then, you can add in details of you as a couple. You can add how you met, where your first date was and how you got engaged. It can be a fun and interesting way for your guests to see your love story and one that they can take home after the wedding.

Have a Cocktail Party Before the Wedding

Guests sometimes arrive pretty early to a wedding, so they may be standing around in the lobby of your venue or hanging around outside waiting for the ceremony to start. Instead, why not host a cocktail party for them? This can be about an hour or so before the wedding, and you can serve one cocktail and then offer non-alcoholic drinks for the rest of the time.

You can offer finger foods or snacks so the guests have something to nibble on while they chat and get to know each other too. During the cocktail party, you can have your staff hand out small party favors for the guests to enjoy. They can be small flower hair clips for the ladies, tie clips for the gentleman, or even a small bag of treats that you know your guests will enjoy.

Have a Friend Officiate

One special way to make your wedding ceremony unique and memorable is to have your best friend or a favorite family member officiate the ceremony instead of someone you have only known for a short time. If you aren't having a religious ceremony, then choose someone who means a lot to you to marry you. This will give the ceremony a unique and fun flavor and add something special.

Officiants can be ordained online for free, and you can work with them on how you want the ceremony to go and what you would like for them to say. You can follow the traditional ceremony wording, or you can write your own and include your own vows.