Five Fun Ideas For Wedding Reception Activities

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Planning your wedding will involve more than selecting the food that you eat and the venue where it will take place. You'll also want to think about ways that you will be entertained during the night. Here are a few ways that you can keep guests busy to make the night a memorable experience.

Photo Booths

A big trend in weddings these days is to rent a photo booth for the occasion. Even though people have smartphones that allow them to take a photo at any moment, there is something different about getting into a photo booth, using some props, and taking silly pictures. Photo booths these days can send digital photos to someone's phone, or post them on social media from the wedding to let others know who is there.

Lawn Games 

There are plenty of casual lawn games that are appropriate for a wedding and will get guests to interact with each other at the same time. Cornhole is a classic that can be set up anywhere and doesn't require much skill for someone to step in for the first time. Croquet is another activity that will require nothing more than some empty lawn space and the right equipment. 

Live Music

A DJ can be a great way to keep the music going during the night, but a live band provides a source of entertainment. Even if people are not dancing to the music, watching a live band perform will be much more entertaining in the end. A live band can even help get people on the dance floor by motivating them to do so. 

Dance Lessons

Want to get everyone at your wedding dancing, even if they don't know how? Consider having a group dance lesson during the wedding. Having an instructor show off simple moves that anyone can pull off will be an interactive activity that will help break up a night where music is constantly playing. It can even help the kids learn a thing or two as well. 

Caricature Artist

Want to give your guests a keepsake that they can take home with them? A caricature artist is a great way to do it, with a personalized drawing of your guests. It doesn't just provide them with a keepsake, since watching the artist draw is a form of entertainment itself, and will get people talking about if they want to go next to see what fun way they are drawn on paper.

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